The golf club is a blunt melee weapon in Dead Island: Riptide.

The golf club can be obtained from metal chests, dead enemies, merchants or as quest rewards.

Trevor Rogers sells a legendary golf club if team quests are done for him.

The golf club can also spawn at a fixed location(s). For example one spawns inside Dr.Kessler's lab, in a small basket left of the second door (from outside). Dr.Kessler also gives a Rare golf club as a reward for completing the "History Lesson" side quest.

There is an easter egg where in Halai when you go to a specific bungalow through a portal, inside the bungalow in the middle of the room there is a box. When you open it a tool box midget comes out and when killed, will drop a legendary golf club. (You have to complete the game to be able to go there.)